KNW, a company specialized in manufacturing high-tech materials for display industry and materials of automobile component

06   Selected as an excellent company in creating jobs in Gyeonggi-do Province
01   Started producing Prism Sheet Bead Coating
08   Newly constructed the 2nd factory in Hyangyang-ri, Paju-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
06   Selected as G-Star National Policy Business Operator in Gyeonggi-do
11   Selected as one of 500 companies great in exporting by IBK
05   Received Minister award certificate of Small and medium Business Corporation
03   Received Minister prize of Ministry of Strategy and Finance of corporate body on the Day of Taxpayer
11   Received 20 Million Dollar Export Tower on the Day of Trade
09   Listed on the Korea Stock Exchange (KOSDAQ)
04   Completed constructing a local factory in Vietnam / Established a corporate body in USA (American KNW, INC,)
09   Selected as a promising SME in Gyeonggi-do
08   Changed the name to KNW Co., Ltd.
05   Confirmed as a company specialized for component materials
08   Established an institute of technology affiliated to the company
07   Developed and started supplying Samsung SDI large-scale blanket
12   Relocated newly built Munsan factory
11   Selected as technically innovative SME (INNO-BIZ) / Received 5 Million Dollar Export Tower and commendation
           from the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy
07   Selected as a company with outstanding technology
05   Selected as a venture company (New technology company)
11   Acquired Environment Management System Mark (ISO 14001:2004)
07   Constructed KMW factory in Icheon
01   Constructed the 2nd KMW factory (CLEAN ROOM : 1000 CLASS)
12   Developed and started supplying PDP filter protection tape
11   Developed optical transfer tape
08   Established KMW in Beijing, China
04   Developed and started supplying Clean tape
02   Developed LCD Protection Tape and constructed a factory in Seongju, Gyeongbuk
01   Developed support tape for F.F.C
08   Developed PCB cover lay and bonding sheet
07   Developed electric wave-shielding conductive copper tape
01   Acquired Quality Management System Mark (ISO 9001:2000)
10   Developed special electron-related film and material in cooperation with KIMOTO Company in Japan
04   Developed tape for H.D.D gasket
11   Developed and started supplying wedge rubber tape for TV braun tube
04   Developed tape attaching to mobile phone window
02   Developed tape in cooperation with Avery Dennison comapny
01   Converted KMW Co., Ltd. to a corporate body
04   Established Taesuk Engineering / Developed tapes for automobile subsidiary materials