Functional coating

KNW, a company specialized in manufacturing high-tech materials for display industry and materials of automobile component

Introduction of Functional coating

Bead Coating

- Technology for producing film with diffusion function used in LCD BLU among display materials
- Technology for producing film for optics used as a processing material of matte of prism film

  • Bead magnifying

  • Bead magnifying

  • LCD

Hard Coating

- It is applicable to optical grade products requiring high hardness like glass protection film and
  aims defect-free with high hardness of above 2H and thorough process control. It is to be
  supplied after adding functions and specifications such as anti-static or anti-scratch property
  and adhesive/double-sized processing depending on customers' needs.

AF Coating

- Anti-fingerprint coating is produced from specially processing the surface of material such as
  plastic or glass and is an important technology to prevent foreign substances from being
  attached and to easily remove any pollutants from the surface. The ones which can be used in
  display industry and other industrial fields are to be supplied.

  • Fingerprint-marking preventive film

  • Fingerprint-marking preventive film