Development of
functional coating material

functional coating material

KNW technology institute is progressing a business of developing functional film with single-layer coating through a development of high-performance/multi-functional coating materials, upgraded from the existing multilayered film for keeping pace with the trend of weight lightening and thickness reduction.

Applied area

- Hard coating film
- Anti-reflection film
- Super-hydrophobic film
- Anti-fingerprint film

  • Hard coating
    / Anti-reflection film

  • Anti-fingerprint film

  • Super-hydrophobic film

Development Trend

Functional coating technology

It is a project of developing high performance multifunctional ultrathin film that is to realize more than three kinds of function with a single film in a single-layered structure as display gets thinner and thinner. KNW technology institute also spurs a development of functional coating materials as well as of coating process technology.

Functional coating material

- Trend of weight lightening and thickness reduction due to a single-layered structure
- Excellent optical features
- Add more functions such as low-k dielectric and gas barrier properties
- Core technology of OLED, transparent display and solar battery